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April 27, 2017 11:13 NZT
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Propolis Tincture PFL 30 - Comvita - 25ml

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Manuka Honey with Bee Venom and Glucosamine Sulphate 500g - Nectar Ease Plus

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West Coast Honey 250g - Nelson Honey

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Manuka Honey Soap with Aloe Vera 75g – Nelson Honey

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Honey and Propolis Soap 140g

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It is our pleasure to be able to offer you a selection of quality Honey bee products including Manuka Honey products. Our Honey Store has a team of dedicated staff that will strive to provide you with excellent service. There is no need to register or login to shop with us. Start by selecting your preferred language and currency from the drop down menu on the right hand side above. You have six languages and thirteen currencies from which to choose. Start browsing by selecting a department where you will be able to view a large selection of New Zealand honey products. Add any products in which you are interested to your shopping cart. You may change the quantity or remove items before checking out. When you are ready to complete your purchase select the ‘Checkout’ button and you will be able to enter your delivery and payment information. Shopping with The Honey Shop is safe and secure as we use the latest encryption technology and do not retain credit card information. We will do our best to make your shopping experience a pleasurable one.

Health Benefits of Honey
Honey is both an excellent food and a natural medicine. It has a wonderful sweet taste which varies based on its floral source. As a food it is popular as a honey spread and as a baking additive. Its use in medicine dates back over 2,000 years and the medicinal honey properties are well established. It is used to treat internal digestive problems and externally it is beneficial in the treatment of wounds and other skin conditions.

NZ Honey is known for its quality, unique flavours and special health benefits. Our New Zealand shop is proud to be a leading supplier of Honey Bee Products to customers around the world.

New Zealand Manuka Honey is famous around the world for it's unique antibacterial properties. Some of these products are classified as UMF Honey which means they have been certified as containing high levels of antibacterial activity. The level of antibacterial honey activity varies so a standard has been established to identify the strength. All UMF Honey sold by our Store shows a number that identifies the antibacterial strength of that particular Active Manuka Honey. The name UMF is a guarantee that the product being sold is a New Zealand product and that it has the special antibacterial property to the level indicated on the label. Not only is it a great tasting product but it can also be used to treat many ailments. The Manuka honey benefits are well established and include both internal and external uses. Manuka Honey New Zealand is a 100% natural product and has no known side effects from long term daily use. Medi honey is also widely used as an acne skincare treatment product. Refer to our Nutrition Information page. We also sell Comvita Manuka Honey and other bee products.

Other New Zealand Honey products that we have available include Comb Honey and Clover Honey. Our Honeycomb is gathered from organic bee hives located in the crisp, clean sub-alpine environment of the South Island. The unique New Zealand weather in this part of the country creates a Bee Honey Comb with a smooth texture and delicate taste. Other honey NZ specialty products include Pohutukawa Honey, Kamahi Honey, Rewarewa Honey, Thyme Honey and Wild Flower Honey. The Wild Honey is a distinctive flavoured amber product from the nectar of unique wild flowers that are only found in New Zealand's rich, lush Waikato Valley region. The Bee Venom Honey combines Glucosamine and Bee Venom to assist joint movement and the production of cartilage components.

The Honeybee produces many other useful products. Propolis is one such product and is available in various forms. It is a natural immune-supporting substance used to protect the hive against infections. Propolis Benefits the immune system and Liquid Bee Propolis can be added to a drink or food. This product is also available in the COMVITA brand.

Other products include Bee Royal Jelly which is the highly nutritious food given to young growing bees. The Benefit of Royal Jelly is that it supports and assists the body's immune system, thereby helping the body to combat the effects of aging and stress.

Our Bee Pollen Supplement is collected by bees from the forests and pastures of New Zealand. It is one of nature's most complete and nutritious foods. One of the Benefits of Bee Pollen is that it contains over seven times more iron than beef. It is also referred to as Bee Bread and is popular taken as Bee Pollen Granules or in capsule form.

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